At the risk of sounding repetitive with my profile to the right, I am a Technical Architect: SharePoint at Ignia in Perth, Western Australia. I’ve specialised in SharePoint for the last 6 years, working on both public facing internet sites and company intranets in all versions of SharePoint 2007-2013.

Prior to my introduction to SharePoint I worked in government, specialising initially in Coldfusion, but more prominently in VB.NET for Winforms applications and later ASP.NET.  I’ve since made the switch to C# for SharePoint development.

I studied a double degree at Curtin University in Western Australia which included a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) and Bachelor of Business Administration. I’ve achieved a number of Microsoft based certifications including Windows-based Client Development and a range of SharePoint certifications covering 2007-2013.

My current interests lie in creating public facing internet sites on the SharePoint platform, leveraging client-side technologies such as jQuery and Knockout to provide rich interactive user experiences. I have a strong interest in SharePoint best practices from both an administrative and development perspective and a personal interest in both search and search engine optimisation.

Public facing sites worked on include the Migration Portal and the Career Centre Portal – both launched by the Minister for Training and Workforce Development in 2011. More recently I’ve built the Education + Training International site, launched in 2014. I’ve also previously been involved in new development and maintenance of one of SharePoint’s initial showcase sites – westernaustralia.com.

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