Presenting at SharePoint Saturday Perth – 9th March

SharePoint Saturday is nearly upon us again and it’s already shaping up to be a great event. I’m happy to say that my session for the day was selected and I’ll be presenting on Building public facing websites on SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint for internet sites has been around since the days of MOSS yet has often been considered an afterthought when determining the best ways to get the most out of the platform. SharePoint 2013 however is a game changer. The investments made in the platform combined with the attractive licensing story has made SharePoint a first-class citizen in the world of Content Management Systems. Come join Matt Menezes as he delves into the world of public facing internet sites, outlining the often-dismissed factors to building a successful website and exploring the new features SharePoint 2013 provides to assist in each step of the process.

As things stand today there are only 21 tickets remaining which should see a great crowd on the day with some excellent presenters diving into all things SharePoint – particularly regarding SharePoint 2013. To register jump over to the Eventbrite page and secure your ticket. There will be lunch and prizes sponsored by a number of companies including the company I work for Ignia and with the calibre of local and interstate presenters earmarked for the event it will no doubt be a great day.

I’d encourage everyone involved in the Perth SharePoint community to come down, support this event and of course come in to watch my session at 11.20am!


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