How I passed 70-667

Part three of my ‘Certification Series’ delves in to how I recently passed 70-667 – TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring. It was always going to be a bit of a challenge stepping back up to the administrator certification plate (I had achieved administrator certification in the 2007 stream) after having a heavy focus both in development and also predominantly on the 2007 platform for the past year and a half, however I’m happy to say with the preparation I followed I managed to pass reasonably comfortably.

I took somewhat of a different approach to studying this exam in that, for the first time heading into an exam, I decided to base a large proportion of my preparation time reading a book. Without turning this article into a book review or commentary on what the best book out there for studying for this exam would be, I can say that the book I read, Professional SharePoint 2010 Administration, was a really good read in terms of learning a few things that I previously had not known. Whether it helped achieve the certification in the end i’m not sure (there ended up being a few months difference between finishing the book and sitting the exam) but regardless it was a good read and one I would definitely recommend.

Closer to the examination date I chose to go back to my tried-and-true method of finding a blog post which highlighted all the relevant Technet and MSDN articles on the skills measured for the exam. Not surprisingly, as I did for 70-573, I found that Becky Bertram’s post Exam 70-667 Study Guide covered everything I would need to read for each point and is the site I chose to go through.

I would however suggest that there is an even better resource when it comes to studying for the 667 exam and that is Benjamin Athawes series How I passed SharePoint 2010 exam 70-667 (part 1, 2, 3 and 4). The reason I didn’t use his articles as a guide for my study was simply due to time – I thought I had enough experience and knowledge already to get by without that level of study – however as a starting point for someone without the experience it would definitely be my number 1 suggestion on where to start.

Unfortunately, unlike the Cram Session videos I used for the developer exams which were extremely helpful, I couldn’t find anything similar for the administration stream. What I did find (some of which I had viewed previously) were some decent video content on Technet including Getting started with SharePoint Server 2010 for IT pros and SharePoint 2010 advanced IT pro training.

In the interest of completeness, like I did in my 70-576 post, I thought it would also be useful to highlight some of the training and labs available to help pass this exam, even though I didn’t use it in my own personal study plan. The labs available on TechNet Virtual Labs: SharePoint Products and Technologies are definitely worth exploring for those without enough hands on administrative experience.

Finally there was one pretty cool resource that I stumbled upon and perused briefly, Accelerated Idea’s Free Practice Exam – MCTS: SharePoint 2010, Configuration. It’s a neat little tool to help get you used to the multiple choice format of the Prometric exams and give you a little bit of confidence going into the administration certification (assuming you do well – I wouldn’t be overly concerned if you didn’t, the questions in this practice test are fairly broad and not necessarily indicative of what you’ll face in 70-667).

So that covers it. In the end I actually found the exam a little harder than I expected. I thought I’d blitz it but I’m glad I put the effort in to learn all the content being tested, not only as I picked up a few things I didn’t know but it definitely helped me pass in the end. The final piece to the puzzle will be 70-668 which I hope to attempt some time soon, but until then, all the best achieving 70-667!