Presenting at the Perth SharePoint UG – 23rd May

Things have been a little quiet around here for a while but for good reason – I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting on the 23rd of this month at the Perth SharePoint User Group. It’s been a long time between drinks with my last session being 2 years ago so it will be good to get back in front of the Perth SharePoint community and share some of the technologies i’ve been working with recently.

The session i’ll be presenting will be Harnessing client-side technologies to enhance your SharePoint site.

SharePoint developers are often far too quick to jump into Visual Studio to solve every problem they face. It’s easy to get stuck in the .NET 2.0 way of thinking and get shielded from the latest technology and trends absorbing the web. SharePoint 2010 opened the door to client side technologies by introducing the Client Object Model and REST services – it’s only right that we as developers learn to embrace it.

Curious to see how simple it is to combine the Client Object Model with jQuery? Create out of the box solutions with the Content Query Web Part and XSL? Explore the power of REST services with Knockout? Or perhaps see what all the fuss is about regarding SignalR?

This session is not just for developers. Rather than deep dive into a particular client side technology we’ll explore this range of tools at our disposal to deliver interactive user experiences. Learn how to harness these client side technologies to rapidly deliver solutions for your organisation, whether you’re an architect, developer or power user there will be something here to get your imagination running wild.

If you’re keen to come to the session then you can register your interest at Eventbrite. My company Ignia will be sponsoring pizzas for the event so getting a good indication regarding numbers will ensure there’s enough for everyone.

I’m hoping for a good turnout, over 50 tickets have been claimed in less than a day so it should be a lively session!

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