How I passed 70-573

Today I sat and passed exam 70-573 – TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development. That means I now officially have the certifications of MCTS: SharePoint 2010, Application Development and MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010. It may seem a little strange that I did the exams in the wrong order, but there was a method to the madness. Primarily it was to do with the requirement of attaining gold partnership with Microsoft which required the PRO exams to be completed – hence that took priority.

The difference in difficulty between the two developer exams was quite significant – but I guess that’s to be expected. There seemed to be far less ‘gotchya’ questions that needed a sharp eye to weed out the incorrect answers, and more that you just knew. I still ended up putting in a fair amount of study – probably half as much as I did for the 576 exam – but in hindsight I don’t think I even needed that much. Still, the main benefit you get from sitting these exams is solidifying the knowledge you already have and increasing your breadth of knowledge via the study required to pass.

This post will be shorter than my previous one simply because I used less resources. If you want a wider selection of materials you can use to study to pass both exams (including hands-on labs and tutorials) then take a look at my post How I passed 70-576.

Due to the success I had with my previous study method I decided to take the same approach. This involved tracking down a site which would conveniently link me off to all the various MSDN and TechNet resources I would need to read to study each individual element of the exam. It didn’t take long to find one – a quick search for 70-573 delivers you to Becky Bertram’s post SharePoint Exam 70-573 Study Guide with the second result, which was exactly what I was after. While some of the topics linked off to even more, and some of the content could be considered overkill for this exam, it was still a valuable process to undertake.

The second part to my study was re-viewing the exam-cram video series by Ted Pattison and I can’t stress enough how helpful that was. It surprised me a little sitting the exam immediately after watching the 3 parts of the series that were relevant to 70-573 – he literally hands you the answers to a bunch of questions in the exam. In case you don’t feel the need to view my 70-576 post here are the relevant links you’ll need:

Cram Session Part 1
Cram Session Part 2
Cram Session Part 3

And that pretty much sums it up. I’ve been back in the MOSS world for a while now at my current client with minimal exposure to 2010 but still had no troubles with this exam. If you’ve had a bit of experience with 2010, have learnt a bit about the new development features and done a little bit of study on the topics being covered, you should have no troubles at all passing this one.

Once again, Good luck!

10 Responses to How I passed 70-573

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  3. Robert Ross says:

    Hello. I am trying to determine how long to prepare for the 70-573. I saw a post online where a girl said it only took her 3-days to prepare for the exam. Seems like it should take much longer. What is your estimation on how long it takes to prepare for the 70-573 exam? Days, Weeks, Months? Respectfully, Robert

  4. Matt says:

    Hey Robert, I guess it depends how much experience you’ve had with SP2010 administration, what you want to get out of your study experience and how many blocks of hours you’re able to dedicate to it. Based on the study I did for this one, I probably didn’t do any more than 15h which could easily slide into 3 days. I generally did an hour here, a couple hours there though so my overall preparation time maybe went for 2-3 weeks. That said, I wouldn’t have been far off passing the exam just by watching the cram session videos and using the knowledge I already had.

    If you’re studying solely to pass the exam then just brush up on some areas you’re weak in, watch the videos, grab yourself a second-chance voucher and have a crack – you may find it’s enough to pass. If you want to learn all the content as well then depending on your reading speed be prepared to dedicate 15-20h of study time to get through the content for this one.

  5. d4 says:

    what is the passing score for exam 70-573 ??

    • Matt says:

      Hi d4, the passing score for all of the exams is 700/1000, however this is not equivalent to 70%. Some questions may be unscored, also your score out of 1000 is a scaled score.

  6. Jimmy says:


    Just a quick question – I am gearing up for 70-573 SharePoint 2010 at the mo’ and according to Prometric, who I am sitting the test through, the exam is 2hrs and 15mins! Is this correct, or just an error by them? Have tried contacting Prometric regarding this, but just cannot get a response from them.



    • Matt says:

      Hey Jimmy

      Apologies for the delayed response, have just got back from holidays.

      You get 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam – but you don’t need to use all the time allocated. If you know the answers and you’re confident in the Prometric exams, it’s not uncommon to finish within an hour / hour and a half.

      Good luck!

  7. anomalyarts says:

    I took the exam at the Ignite conference and failed. Some of the questions were about surprisingly obscure classes in the SharePoint .NET library. I was pretty confident I would pass, but I wonder that, since the year is 2015 for me, in order to keep things fresh they ran out of questions to ask for the “basic” material.

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