So, this is it.

My first post on what is, for me, a long overdue foray into the world of work-related social media. It’s something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. Since I started coding back in 2005 I always imagined I’d host a humble site dedicated to the things I’ve encountered along the way. Back then it was .NET. Predominantly Winforms and then bridging into the online world of ASP.NET. It never happened.

A few years ago my career path changed and I entered into the wonderful world of SharePoint. That was surely the motivation I needed to start up a personal blog. There was definitely enough to write about. It never happened.

So I’ve taken the opportunity to start one up now. Over a year after SharePoint 2010 reached RTM, in an environment where SharePoint blogs and the dissemination of information is more common than ever before. So why now?

I’ve definitely encountered a lot in my time with the product to date. The breadth of experience i’ve been lucky to have has opened my eyes to 2 things. Firstly, There’s a hell of a lot to write about, and a hell of a lot I have personal opinions on. Secondly, while the information always seems to be out there eventually, it’s not always that easy to find. I figure the more sources there are the better, and I’ll get to put my 2 cents in along the way.

My goal is that someone manages to get something out of the things I write here. Noble huh? I may even hope as far as thinking some of the things I write may spark some debate and increase my own levels of knowledge.


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